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What you need to know

£10 per hour
• 1-hour walk is on lead. Off lead walks are available at our discretion but only available after a strong bond has been built with the dog.
• We walk no more than 4 dogs at a time. This is beneficial for the dogs as they get more space to walk and helps us give our full attention to the dogs.
• Cash or bank transfer payable for the week ahead


• Additional dogs from the same home are £7 each per hour.



What you need to know

• £7 per 20 minutes visit.

• Intended to break up the day for your pets.
• Let out in their garden for toilet visits.

• Brushing and playtime.

• Litter trays emptied.

• Pet feeding.


What you need to know

•£25 per night

• Additional dogs from the same home are £20 per night.

• Pets must be dropped off by 4 pm day of boarding.
• Pets must be picked up by 10 am on the final day of boarding. Any pets that are not picked up by this time will incur a £20 daycare fee.
• Bring enough food for your pet, with instructions on diet.
• Bring your pets crate, lead and collar, favourite toy, blanket, and something with your scent.
• Bring any treats you allow for your dog, along with instructions for how you reward your pet.
• We have plenty of poo bags.
• 1-week notice is required for boarding, emergency boarding subject to availability and our discretion.
• 10% deposit required to secure booking. Cash or bank transfer for the remaining amount required 2 days prior to boarding to secure booking.




What you need to know

If you are a one time customer or a lifetime customer, you and only you get exclusive access to our private Facebook group. This is intended as a place for us to share videos of walks or boarding with you for peace of mind that your pet is having fun and is receiving the love they usually get at home. Also, we post tips, stats, facts and reviews when we can.


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